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Full Time
Posted 1 year ago


  • Architectural /Engineering background is a preference
  • Read and understand construction drawings
  • Read and understand specifications
  • Read and understand scope of works
  • A good knowledge and understanding of construction work
  • Able to communicate with clients and solve problems and ask questions
  • Good communication skills – Able to speak English fluently to engage with clients , this is a must
  • Willing to learn and understand commercial flooring , learn the Australian standards
  • Willing to learn product data base in the Australian Market
  • Can work in a team environment
  • Can take constructive criticism
  • Able to report back to the managing Director
  • Good computer skills
  • Can create spread sheets
  • Good maths skills
  • Experience with quantifying , Bills of Quantities
  • Good written English skills and grammar
  • Skills in Excel + others
  • Ability to quote from start to completion and willing to learn
  • Ability to follow systems and procedures
  • Good organizational skills and record keeping
  • Ability to handle large volumes of work and reach targets


  • Download Architectural floor plans on a specific tender from Tender platforms – Various types
  • Download scope of works relevant to the project and review
  • Download architectural finishes relevant to the project and review
  • Download elevation drawings and review
  • Follow up with builder on any queries or concerns or missing documentation
  • Quantify all the flooring types necessary for Finesse flooring to provide an accurate quotation
  • Source project specific pricing from suppliers
  • Import all the quantities pricing into our software and compute calculations to prepare a quotation from start to finish
  • Provide a complete checklist on all tenders once completed
  • Type a written quotation in our software package
  • Report to team on tenders before finalizing and sending to clients
  • Send quotes to multiple builders
  • Ensure quotations are received by Builders
  • Assist in tracking tenders through CRM
  • Potential follow ups and negotiations if required

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