A STAFF MEMBER’S INSIGHT: Vaccination in the Philippines

The rollout of COVID-19 vaccinations in the Philippines is vastly different to the experience in Australia. 

Although the Philippines Government has processes in place to prioritise vaccination of subgroups like frontline workers, the elderly and others, private organisations are also funding vaccinations for their staff and families.  

Many larger companies are allowing the Government to access surplus doses for the general population. 

Profitmaster has taken a leadership role in COVID-19 vaccination by ensuring our staff are able to quickly access vaccinations and by having strict protocols within our daily business operations. 

One staff member, Jennifer Quan gives an insight into her vaccination experience…. 

“The vaccination is not readily available in the Philippines, you can’t just go to any clinic to get it. The Government has a priority program in place and there are a lot of people in the community who really want to get the vaccine, but due to the program they can’t. 

“Meantime, others are still uncertain because of the negative influence from social media and news, for others it is due to their religious beliefs. 

“If I think back to when the vaccine hadn’t been discovered, we were all hoping and praying – it didn’t matter who discovered it, as long as there was a vaccine for the virus. We all just want to go back to our own regular lives. 

“Some people are waiting for the ‘best’ vaccine – we really just need to be thankful for what is given so we’re protected.  

“Profitmaster was able to get a slot for our staff to get the vaccine. Although a relief, for me it was still a feeling of mixed emotions. Relief – as I know I am protecting me and my family. Mixed emotions – I’m worried as to what the side effects might have been. We all know about the side effects and the reaction your body can have. 

“When I had my first dose, I was alert to the side effects. The CDC (Centers for Disease Control) had the structure at the vaccination facility well organised – you watched a video about the virus, the vaccine, side effects and preventative measures – this was vital as it was comforting and kept me calm. 

“Although only the first dose, with another to come, it was the start of feeling reassured – as like most, I had many things going through my mind about the virus having seen many family members catch it – and how they overcame it – both financially and emotionally. 

“I’m thankful to Profitmaster for doing all they can in finding ways for the staff to get the vaccine in coordination with the Clark Development Authority – who are doing all they can to vaccinate everyone in the Clark Freeport Zone.” 

Jennifer Quan is Executive Assistant to our Chief Executive Officer.