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Profit Master - Clark Freeport ZoneOffshoring many of the processes in your business offers one of the most exciting opportunities for a business to diversify its staff base and increase profits without any requirement to increase turnover. The ability to reclassify skilled resources to income earning functions is an added benefit for western-style management strategy that demands higher profits and lower costs while maintaining positive work ethics with improved resource capability.

Offshoring is the decentralisation of labour resources to another country. In our case, the Philippines. The Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry in the Philippines has become one of the country’s fastest growth sectors where it has been growing at an annual rate of 46% since 2006. In 2012, the BPO industry generated export earnings for the Philippines of around $9billion.

Reasons for this incredible growth are not hard to find when you consider cultural compatibility with western customs, superior telecommunications infrastructure, strong government and industry initiatives supporting BPO growth together with a highly skilled and available workforce.

Ultimately, your decision to outsource must be made on whether outsourcing can add value. You need to weigh the advantages and disadvantages for your company’s culture, service needs, staff skills and resources.

When stepping up to a 21st-century Philippines BPO like Profitmaster, our technology infrastructure fully integrates your offshore lower-cost resources with your onshore technical and management resources to create an almost seamless work environment with reduced overheads such as rent, office equipment and IT. How much or how little integration is up to you.

Almost anything is capable of being outsourced and some of the roles currently being outsourced by our clients include:

  • Data processing, CRM maintenance and legal document handling, data analysis and reporting.
  • Event management, help desk agents, debt collection, travel bookings, diary maintenance, meetings transcription, and other secretarial functions.
  • In-bound customer service, outbound lead generation and appointment setting.
  • Financial administration of non-client facing tasks including bookkeeping (MYOB, Xero and others), financial statements, payroll and HR, ASIC lodgements and company incorporation, insolvency processes and ATO compliance for all types of entities including SMSF.
  • IT support including network design and maintenance, service desk support, VoIP telephone systems, server hosting including email and web hosting, spam and virus prevention, data storage systems, security and backup, and disaster recovery.

It’s not hard to get started. Look at your existing processes and workflow design. Working together with your team, analyse what needs to be done onshore and then consider how the rest can be outsourced. Set a strategy to take you from what presently exists to where you want to be.

Weigh up the strengths and weaknesses. Weigh up the costs and benefits, including start-up, training and onboarding costs. Our Profitmaster team will work with you to design your outsourced functionality and provide a successful long term, profitable outsourcing solution for your company.

Profitmaster offer professional expertise in the following disciplines:

Accounting and Bookkeeping

Bank reconciliation, data entry, accounting reports, payroll and more by experienced accountants and bookkeepers at an affordable price. Click here for more information about our offshore accounting services.

IT Management and Support

Managed IT services including help desk, server network administration, network management, web development and software development.

Administration Support

Our administration staff and personal assistants work in an almost seamless environment with your Australian office.

Marketing and Customer Service

Social media management, event coordination, lead generation and appointment setting using the latest IT and telephone technology.


Focus on growing your business

Our vision of outsourcing to the Philippines started in late 2013 when CRC Business Solutions, an accounting firm based in Australia was searching for a way to obtain lower-cost accounting resources while maintaining high service levels for both the firm and its clients.

Our founder and CEO, Richard Croaker recognised early on that the professional needs of accountants in Australia are different to other businesses using the Philippines for outsourcing.

After considerable research on the suitability of Philippines professional and support staff, Philippines business regulations, ethical requirements of the Australian accounting professions and professional insurance availability, it was decided to incorporate a new company through the Philippines Securities and Exchange Commission.

This company became Profitmaster BPO Inc.

The company commenced operations in July 2014 from a small office in Pandan, a suburb of Angeles City providing services to our only client, CRC Business Solutions. In November 2015, we moved to our new world–class office in Clark Freeport Zone.

While the company has developed from a strong accounting focus, the team is now diversified across 4 divisions offering a range of disciplines including accounting and bookkeeping, IT management, administration services and secretarial support as well as marketing and customer service.

Profitmaster started with a team of five. At the commencement of 2016 we celebrated the commencement of our 30th team member. In 2017 our goal is to build a team of 100.







Offshore | Resources | Outsourcing | Service

Profitmaster BPO is an Australian owned company specialising in providing offshore and outsourced business services. Our culture is focused on Australian business.

Our goal is to assist businesses gain maximum efficiency in a very affordable way without ever sacrificing the quality of work produced. Our recruitment and training is designed to ensure that our staff can interact seamlessly with their Australian client. We provide high-quality offshore staff with up to 70% savings in labour costs. As a professional BPO, we can resource staff very quickly. Once clients have made the decision to proceed, we can have specially selected staff on board within 21 days. Depending on our Recruitbank of endorsed candidates, this may be earlier.

Some of the advantages of offshoring with Profitmaster include:

  1. Our offshore staff are based in the Clark, Philippines. Clients are welcome to visit us and easy access is available from Australia through Singapore.
  2. Our owner is an Australian while our operations management is in Philippines. We have offices in both Australia and Philippines and can meet you in person as and when required.
  3. When you hire a Profitmaster staff member everything is provided. We provide all equipment, IT and VoIP connectivity. Our services are “plug and play” and fully included in your monthly fee. We have capacity to provide up to 100 staff in our existing facilities. This means that we have capacity to grow with our clients.
  4. Hiring a Profitmaster staff member allows you to improve your productivity because your company can re-focus resources on its core functions. The cost savings Generated can be reallocated to other areas such as marketing or capital expenditure.


Profitmaster BPO is a resource designed to attract businesses having the highest expectations for their third party staff solutions. Clients can expect a seamless relationship with team members through our management, recruitment, HR, training and IT systems.

Our professional BPO office offers a business solution for staff and resources:

  1. Dedicated world class secure office facility at Clark, Pampanga, Philippines.
  2. Workstation – Each workstation has a comfortable office chair with a new or near new computer including USB noise cancelling headset for VoIP calls. Various computer configurations and specifications are available including dual screen.
  3. Low redundancy high speed internet – Two (2) ISPs serving fibre optic connections. The primary Internet line has 10Mbps upload/download speeds with a backup Internet line of 6Mbps upload/download.
  4. Full time IT team with support services on a triage ticketing basis to assist clients and staff should they require technical support.
  5. 24-hour CCTV cameras and links are provided to approved clients. For added corporate security, CCTV is not available to anyone not utilising shift times.
  6. Computer security – we offer high levels of computer and data security, dependent upon client specifications.
  7. Staff log on and log off software – staff are required to log on to our employee system and log off at the end of their shift. Monthly attendance reports are provided at no extra cost.
  8. Training / meeting room – our office has a separate training room with whiteboard and projector. The training room is supported with internet communications and recorded CCTV (available on request). Clients are welcome to use the training room when visiting Clark.
  9. Commercial grade VOIP telephone numbers with call recording capability in the location of client’s choice including free softphone. A number of handsets are available at no extra cost if preferred.
  10. Human resources – our full time HR Officer will advertise and recruit for staff, conduct interviews and select staff. Staff are employed by Profitmaster and all HR and payroll requirements are attended to by us. We conduct monthly performance appraisals and report to our client.
  11. Dialling capacity up to 8000 calls per day.
  12. On-site operations management for supervision, training and facilitating direct interaction between clients and staff.


When Richard Croaker founded Profitmaster back in 2014, the company operated from a small office in suburban Angeles City with just one staff member.

Richard readily admits he did not know what lay ahead!

Despite his enthusiasm, the vision for development and start-up of a dynamic business like Profitmaster BPO in a foreign country was initially outside Richard’s experiences as an Australian entrepreneur.

The business quickly grew and so did Richard’s desire to understand the Philippines’ cultural compatibility with business back in Australia. He sees their natural cultural affinity with western customs and traditions. He worked out that the Philippines’ strategic geographical location has made it the most ideal offshoring destination in the world. He sees how Filipino professionals practice remarkable work ethics whilst retaining their polite and humble demeanour.

Along the way, he met other Australian entrepreneurs and met a group of Filipino accountants and lawyers who showed him how to start a company in the Philippines and manoeuver his way around a difficult business and administrative environment.

As CEO of Profitmaster BPO, Richard is extremely proud of the Philippines Profitmaster team who have shown that best service and best quality are deliverable goals to businesses all over the world.

To share this experience, we have organised fact-finding tours to Clark so other  business leaders and entrepreneurs can see this incredible business opportunity for themselves. Delegates will see the Profitmaster operation in full swing and visit other international companies to observe their operations. There is training on outsourcing and meetings with our management team as well presentations by local accounting and legal professionals on hand to explain how it all works. And of course, there is time to enjoy the famous Kampangan cuisine and hospitality. In 2017, there are 4 fully inclusive tours on our schedule and each tour is limited in the number of participants to ensure an exciting blended experience showcasing Philippines culture and business.


CLARK is a Special Economic Zone in Pampanga, Philippines situated between Angeles City and Mabalacat, located 80km about two hours north of Manila by car. By air, Clark is between 1.5 to 4 hours away from many other major Asian destinations. From Australia, Clark is easily accessible from all capital cities as well as Gold Coast through Singapore.

Originally, Clark was built as the world’s largest foreign US airbase. Today it is complete with its own international airport serviced by daily flights to and from other major destinations around Asia. Inside Clark are golf courses, hotels and casinos, family-styled resorts and fine dining restaurants similar to cities in Australia.

The Profitmaster office is in a banking and commercial sector about 10 minutes from Clark International Airport. Accommodation and other city facilities are easily located within 10 to 15 minutes of the office.

Clark is a huge area administered by the Clark Development Corporation (CDC) and their plan for the 4,400-hectare main zone and 27,600-hectare sub zone is to transform it to an airport-driven urban centre attracting other BPO’s and high-end IT enabled industries, aviation and logistics related enterprises, tourism as well as other sectors.

This plan is already underway and by 2020, CDC will have developed the Clark Special Economic Zone into a centralised commercial and industrial estate offering a premier service and logistics hub along with facilities for training, conferences, tourism and leisure, all accessible to Profitmaster and our clients.


Your experience with Profitmaster and our team members is our greatest testimony. We want to make sure that we build and maintain an ongoing long-term relationship that allows you to focus on your business in Australia.

Our clients have direct access to our General Manager for all enquiries relating to your relationship with our company. From our initial meeting through assisting you to build and implement your offshoring strategy and well into the future, we want to make sure that we are the ‘right fit’ for your organisation.

A typical new-client process works like this:

  1. We want you to know and understand all about outsourcing and offshoring. So first up, we will arrange a teleconference, meeting or Skype conference with you to identify your outsourcing needs and discuss with you how our staff in Philippines can fulfill your requirements. At this meeting, we look forward to introducing you to our General Manager and the senior management team.
  2. We will help you scope your offshoring strategy. This is usually undertaken by a Profitmaster account manager in conjunction with a senior person in your organisation tasked with identifying the processes that are capable of being taken offshore. The result of this phase is a written offshoring plan that ensures both you and Profitmaster understand your offshoring project design and implementation strategy.
  3. Once the project design and implementation strategy has been agreed, we will provide you with a detailed proposal, including costings. We will meet with you to discuss peculiarities relating to your project and work through any design changes or special implementation requirements that may be needed.
  4. When you are happy with the plan we will prepare the paperwork and timetable for commencement and recruitment. Welcome aboard!


The recruitment and selection of staff is one of the most important aspects of securing the right team members for our clients.

We regularly advertise in online job forums and attend major job fairs in Clark and surrounding cities such as San Fernando, Mabalacat and Angeles City.

Candidates attend an initial interview with our recruitment team and are required to undertake compulsory skills assessments in language and computer literacy.

Depending on the position being applied for, candidates will also undertake a further interview with our senior HR Officer along with job-specific proficiency tests designed in Australia to evaluate capability.

Successful candidates are then endorsed to our Recruitbank and are available for engagement by a client.

Generally, when a client is seeking staff we will invite 3 to 4 endorsed applicants per position for an interview with you.

Once a client has chosen a candidate we make them an offer of employment. Upon acceptance, the new staff member moves from Recruitbank to our on-boarding and induction programme. This programme includes a medical examination and security clearance.

The period from initial recruitment to endorsement to our Recruitbank is usually around 2 to 3 weeks.


Our pricing model is designed to ensure that our staff are correctly compensated and our clients have the best HR management using the latest technology available to meet your needs.

We bill our clients monthly and our pricing model consists of 3 parts:

Firstly, all clients pay a sign on fee of AUD$2,100 per employee. This fee covers our support, in assisting you to develop your offshoring strategy, staff recruitment and evaluation and our compulsory one week staff on-boarding and induction training.

Secondly, are the direct employment costs of the employee. This includes their monthly salary, public holidays, Philhealth, Social Security, 13th month pay, sick leave and vacation leave, Home Development Mutual Fund and all other salary on-costs. Direct employment costs vary depending on the role and skills of thee employee.

Thirdly, is a monthly subscription fee of AUD$669 to cover the cost of a dedicated work area for your team member, new or near new computer equipment including communications and Microsoft software licenses, all employee management requirements, monthly staff training, daily breakfast, daily transport from Main Gate to our office, IT support access to CCTV monitors and direct access to your account executive.


Profitmaster Management Team

Meet the hardworking and talented men and women behind Profitmaster BPO

Our whole business approach and high ethical standards allow us to deliver meaningful, valuable service to our clients based on their specific needs and circumstances.

ProfitMaster Management Team

Richard Croaker

ProfitMaster Management Team

Michael Domingo

ProfitMaster Management Team

Debbie Croaker

ProfitMaster Management Team

Rod Pecjo


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