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Heart’s Day Celebration

Valentine’s Day is a popular annual festival that’s solely dedicated to love. This day is the best time to appreciate and express our admiration & deep love to our significant others and/or loved ones by presenting them with red-coloured flowers and even heart-shaped notes and/or chocolates.

Recent celebration of PMasters last 14th of February started off with a delectable & filling breakfast that were individually packed and definitely satisfied all our staff’s tummies. Individually boxed cupcakes with a little creamy icing on top were also distributed to all staffs as a gift of gratitude on this festive day.

At lunch break, PM Staffs logged in to MS Teams for a virtual game entitled “PM Sing-A-Song”. Staffs participated by singing the missing lyrics as shown on the video facilitated by our Events Committee. It was composed of two rounds – Easy & Difficult. There were 10 winners for the Easy round. All they have to sing was just the missing word while on the Difficult round, staffs had to sing an entire missing phrase of the lyrics. Five winners won these round & all winners were awarded with monetary prizes.

Moreover, a week before 14-February, Events Committee sent out the mechanics of the “ProfitMaster Love Story Writing Contest”. The committee encouraged everyone to take part in their story-telling entries & how PM contributed to the greatest feeling/memory of those that are dear to us.

So, before the shift ended on that day, Annalyn announced the selected winners in MS Teams Group Chat from all those who have submitted their love stories.

Lucky Winners were in this order:

Alethea Sanchez – a father-daughter love story (received Dinner for 2 worth ₱2,000 cash)

Rachel Jacobo – a mother-son love story (received (received Spa for 2 worth ₱1,000 cash)

Esperanza Aquino – a mother-daughter love story (received a Wine Package)

Celebrating V’Day in a simple manner, management & event committee’s utmost goal is to add some spice into the office & get the good feels rolling. Hopeful that all staffs feel safe, connected and happy in the workplace.💙

By: Espie