Moving to our New Office


August has been our busiest month ever. A big thank you to the whole team who made it possible to move to our new office.    

Everyone has spent months of searching and preparing to get the new office off to a great start.    

Through all our hard work, we finally made it happen!   

On the 8th of August, a week before our 8th anniversary, despite the rain on moving day, we moved to our new spacious and beautiful office. Everyone is so excited to be working here. Happy staff, happy life!   

Every day is a happy day to be working with our colleagues, chatting over breakfast, and bonding over lunch, at the long table in our new cafeteria. Seems like every day is a fiesta. 

The Office Blessing for our New Office 

On the morning of the 19th of August, we gave thanks to God with the blessing of our new office officiated by Father Deo, our Catholic priest who has been witness to the company’s great success throughout the past 8 years.   

The day was made complete when CEO Richard Croaker and his lovely wife Debbie were able to join us in between their official meetings with the Bases Conversion and Development Authority and Clark Development Corporation.   

Thank you to all our magnificent staff who helped with the preparation, the decorations, assisting Father Deo, and making this occasion a very special day.   

Truly, working together is such a joy.   

When we work together, nothing is impossible. 

8th Anniversary Party Spectacular 

We’ve all been waiting for this big day to finally happen.   

Our social and events committees spent almost two months of brainstorming, discussing, pitching, food tasting, ocular inspecting, and everything else that went into making our 8th Anniversary Spectacular, such a huge success.   

Apart from the food, the ballroom at the 5-star Royce Hotel and Casino in Clark what beautifully decorated and the band was already on hand for our arrival.   

It was particularly special as we were joined by CEO Richard Croaker and his wife Debbie along with other members of the Profitmaster Board of Directors who were able to personally present our staff annual awards.   

In addition to organizing the event, the committee promoted a short entertainment program, the idea being to promote friendly and happy staff interaction and collaboration. Our magnificent staff presented 5 acts to showcase their very best 1980s performances.    

Everyone had a great night. Team performances were especially applauded. Looking at their happy faces during each performance, our visitors and special guests really enjoyed it, Our night ended late and left no doubt in everyone who attended that the people at Profitmaster know how to party.  

By: Mary Jane