Profitmaster Donation Drive @Duyan ni Maria (Cradle of Maria)


“Giving to others is the greatest gift you can give yourself” – Darren Hardy 

Since COVID-19 started, a lot of establishments experienced hardship on how to get their feet up and continue what they started. Orphanages are not excluded from the havoc this pandemic caused. 

Through this, Profitmaster BPO believed that it would be better to share and give whatever they can to extend help to people, and children alike, who are in need. To mark their 2nd leg for the Donation Drive, Profitmaster once again collected various essentials to share with the beneficiary they have chosen. 

Last November 26, 2021, we headed to Duyan ni Maria, a child-caring institution located at Mabalacat, Pampanga, to hand over the supplies. With a little talk with the head staff of the institution, we got to know that the incoming donations lessened due to the pandemic.  

As the event progressed, the well-behaved children gathered in a small receiving area while we handed out free meals for them to enjoy. After the delightful meal, the children got to show their dance moves while some of us danced together with them during their performance. Genuine happiness embraced the whole moment. 

But in every event, the show must end. We had to bid goodbye to the children, but it is evident on the children’s faces that they are happy and grateful, not only on the children’s faces, but also on our faces as well. 

By Kaye Salenga, Team Lead Data Team