Property Management Outsourcing

We provide Philippines-based offshore property management staff who are an extension to your onshore team, dedicated to providing the services required in your business.

Outsourced Property Management

Profitmaster specialises in outsourced property management. We know the challenges property managers are facing when working with several properties being swamped with administrative tasks, spending most of their time working in front of their computers or answering phone calls.

By outsourcing these repetitive, yet essential tasks to our trained real estate virtual assistants, your property managers will be able to do the high value tasks like travelling and checking properties, buying new properties to grow your real estate portfolio, interviewing and building relationships with clients and other important tasks that brings revenue to your agency. Our offshore property management team can provide back office support to your property managers wherever they are in Australia. This can help free up your property managers time so that they can take care of your clients and your business.

Benefits of Property Management Outsourcing

Here are some benefits you can get when you outsource property management functions of your business to Profitmaster:

Increased Efficiency

Having an offshore team who can provide high level back office support can free up your in-house team from the burden of day-to-day administrative tasks. They will have more time to offer high value service to your clients which can bring more revenue to your business.

Reduced Business Costs

Hiring an outsourced property management VA is more cost effective compared to hiring a local staff. You no longer have to worry on the recruitment process and training, as we make sure to filter out the best candidate who can assist your internal team effectively.

Better Return on Investment

Partnering with an outsourcing company like Profitmaster is a good investment for your business. Your in-house staff will have more time to focus on what they do best, while the clerical admin tasks are being handled by our professional property management team here in the Philippines.

Minimise Vacancy Rates

Profitmaster back office support can provide your tenants quality services whenever they need it which can result to shorter vacancies, more rental fees, more income for your business. Our team will also help you acquire tenants of higher quality through marketing.

Reduced Late Rent Payments

Rent collection is one of the most difficult tasks in property management, especially for landlords who chose to manage their own properties themselves. Having an outsourced property management team can reduced the cases of rent defaulters by collecting rental fees on your behalf. This will help landlords maximise their rental income and make more money to buy new properties to grow their real estate business.

Outsourced Property Management Services

  • Manage residential, commercial Properties
  • Handle periodic property maintenance with vendors
  • Find and screen new tenant
  • Handle tenant complaints
  • Answer tenant enquiries via call, text or email
  • Assist in rent collection
  • Manage legal and documentation processes
  • Manage financial statements
  • Source and appoint vendors for maintenance work
  • Post advertisements about the property
  • and more.

Ready to Outsource Your Property Management?

Outsourcing property management has been proven to help real estate agencies and investors in variety of ways. It’s time for your business to outsource the low-value tasks that is hurting your bottom line. Free up your managers from the burden of admin and let them have the freedom to provide high-value services to your clients to grow your business.

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