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Why You Should Outsource Today

Did you know that 30% of all Australian business outsource in some way and that the Philippines is the number one location for Australian business? Profitmaster is Australia’s premier BPO, placing qualified staff to reduce cost, improve productivity and boost your bottom line profits.

So Why Work With Profitmaster?

Time Zone

The same time zone as Western Australia places your Philippine staff just one or two hours behind QLD and 2 or 3 hours behind NSW depending on daylight savings. This makes it easy for you to maintain contact with your staff during Australian business hours. All our employees work Australian hours and recognise Australian holidays.

All our employees work Australian hours and recognise Australian holidays

The Talent Pool Is Huge

With a population somewhere around 100 million, many are young graduates and can greatly contribute to your team. There are around 450,000 students graduating from university each year,
which ranks the Philippines third globally, in terms of talent pool size. In 2014, about 1 million worked in outsourcing. In 2017, there is an expected exponential increase with as many as 3.5 million new jobs being generated. Be at the front of the queue not the back.

500,000, Educated, English Speaking People, So much Talent

Excellent Skills

Known to have a high literacy rate as English is taught in school starting in kindergarten. Filipinos have a good, neutral accent, which helps when working with Australian clients.
A diverse skill set, some have great IT and programming experience while others have strengths in Finance, HR, Content Creation, or Customer Service. Our employees’ skills are aligned directly with the job opportunity presented.

We Only Employ Graduates in IT, Finance, Data Processing, and Customer Service.

Lower Cost While Retaining Quality

The cost of living is far lower. A Filipino earns roughly 20% of what an Australian employee would earn, making it considerably more cost-effective. Even though the cost is lower it is still considered a fair and decent wage by Filipino standards. Profitmaster’s staff bonuses and incentives are some of the highest in the industry.

On Average our Partners Save a Massive 55%

Your Business Grows Faster

For a business to grow, many things have to fall into place. You need to make sales and build a great team to facilitate growth, but often you also have to handle regular tasks as well. By outsourcing time consuming non-technical jobs, you free up more hours to focus on your highest value core activities. Let us show you how. Book your FREE review today.

Business Growth is Achieved Through Quality Staff