How Do We Select Our Staff?


Profitmaster BPO’s General Manager, Michael Domingo gives insight to the process of how we select our Recruitbank Members that support Australian business through outsourcing:

“Our staff go through a number of stages to ensure their suitability to our Profitmaster culture and that of our clients, so we can continue to provide first class services to Australian businesses.

“Culture and education is key to our success. Our Founder put a lot of thought into ensuring Profitmaster is at the forefront of the BPO industry and that it is specifically tailored to Australian Small to Medium Enterprises (SMEs).

“English literacy skills and tertiary qualifications in our country are equal to and are quickly approaching higher than Asian standards. Most of the tertiary education programs in the Philippines are largely based on American college standards.

“Our recruitment process begins with a personality test – Profitmaster is one of only a few BPO organisations in the Philippines that does this. Candidates undertake a competency skills test and other tests to assess their suitability for a role in the company.

“If these match our standards, we then introduce candidates to team members for the next phase. We want to see if they pass the Team Member Test!

“Once we understand the needs of our clients, we will introduce a range of candidates allowing you to meet staff members.

“We connect with you regularly for appraisal to ensure you are happy with the resource and service being provided. We will change your staff member if they do not meet your standard. Openness and transparency are pillars that are most important to us.

“Another important point is that none of the Profitmaster BPO team are external contractors, nor are we an ‘umbrella’ company.

“Each person is an employee of the company and works from our head office here in Clark having gone through the full recruitment process. Our shuttle collects staff for work each day, we provide catered meals in the office and additional benefits not seen in many BPO operations.

“From a work-life balance perspective, it’s important our approach is much like an Australian business, aligning our staff closely with your own values.

“Profitmaster is proud of what we’ve built, how we’ve tailored and specialised our services specifically for the Australian market – along with building a team of specialists that are integrated and motivated to produce the best result for our clients.

Michael Domingo handles all on the ground operations in the Philippines as Profitmaster BPO General Manager. He comes to Profitmaster from the oil and gas industry in Malaysia.