Buying Your Life Back


We help business people like you, get organised and on track. Outsourcing frees up time so that your business can focus on what it does best, and help your people become more systematic and profitable. Profitmaster has a complete suite of outsourcing services to help you get your business on the path to success.

Our staff are engaged in all sorts of work for their clients. Some clients are currently enjoying the benefits of a virtual personal assistant who organises their day from start to finish, helping them stay on top of a very busy schedule. If you think that sounds extravagant, then maybe you need to truly
understand the value that a PA can add to your business.

No matter how organised we are, it’s all too easy to get absorbed in day-to-day tasks that prove to be little more than time-wasting distractions. Then their day is over before it’s begun. That’s a big momentum killer for business. Working on the mundane means less time spent seeking out the opportunities that your inner entrepreneur craves. Worse still, it can keep you working into the wee hours when you could otherwise be living life and maybe taking a well-earned break on the weekend.

A virtual personal assistant and or executive assistant will keep you on track all day, every day, focusing on only those matters that are important to your business strategy.

They can be your first point of contact for calls and take the lead in arranging business meetings, travel requirements and events. They can collate and file daily expenses and filter your email inbox, and much much more.

Your assistant can quickly understand your business and become familiar with how you personally do business. The perfect candidate should have all the attributes you are looking for in a trusted associate, including the strong interpersonal communication skills and the discretion their job requires.