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We provide Philippines-based offshore IT support staff who are an extension to your onshore team, dedicated to providing the services required in your business.

Information Technology is part of any organisation that plays a vital role in any business aspect that most companies, if not all, take for granted.

The way Information Technology has shaped organizations and transformed over time is so radical and fast-paced, that business owners and organisations are unable to keep up. And if not managed immediately, your business – the one that you have painstakingly worked hard for – is left in a trail of dust as you watch your competitors ride into the sunset.

Let’s face it, not all business owners are equipped in handling, let alone managing, their IT infrastructure. Businesses everyday are plagued with disparate IT issues that come from every corner of the organisation.

Problems may range differently in severity or priority, and each may impact your business in varying degrees. Some issues are so small that they seem to be insignificant, until it is too late, and the smoke that was once ignored, has now ablaze into an insurmountable fire that is slowly eating away your business, turning it to ash.

Hire my own IT staff, easy, right? Wrong!

What businesses and organizations have done to prevent issues with IT Services and Support, is to hire their own IT staff and people; create their own team of IT rock stars that will aid in supporting and managing their own IT infrastructure. Sounds easy, right?

Well, not exactly.

Once companies have dipped their toes in the process of building their own IT department, they immediately regret it as they are met with complexities that are far beyond their comprehension, as if they are transported to a different dimension. They lately find out that it involves a lot of meticulous calculations and analysis to come up with IT requirements and roles that could handle the growing business needs.

To make matters worse, most hiring managers within the organization are faced with heaps of technical résumé, packed with jargons that seem to come from another planet; trying to figure out which one is the best fit for the position, matching candidates with salaries, then realizing that what they went with is not exactly what they are looking for. This adds frustration to any organisation where you have piling IT issues on one hand, and mismatch IT skills on the other, making it a juggling headache to undertake.

Having a reliable partner in bridging the gap between addressing IT related issues and business growth is key.

Enter Profitmaster BPO!

At Profitmaster BPO, we make sure a link is built upon a strong foundation of specialized outsourced IT Services that relieves business owners the burden of managing IT on their own; providing you with the right IT skills for the job without breaking the bank, giving you the opportunity to focus on what truly matters – your business.

We offer clients vast IT services, ranging from different fields of expertise, making Profitmaster BPO your excellent partner in ensuring your IT necessities are met and given the utmost importance and care.

Profitmaster BPO aligns your IT requirements with the right people, having the skill sets that you demand, to boost IT productivity while reducing costs – making you ahead of the game.

What’s in it for you?

What makes IT outsourcing beneficial?

What difference, if any, will it make if you outsource your IT needs as opposed to having your own?

Will your business be at an advantage if you outsource your IT?

These may probably be some of the questions you might have when considering outsourcing your IT requirements with Profitmaster BPO – and we are here to answer them!

Risks, as with any other facets of business, are inevitable. Yet, when outsourcing parts of your business, particularly your Information Technology needs, the risks are reduced dramatically.

Here are some key benefits when you outsource IT with Profitmaster BPO.

Management of IT Costs

Managing IT costs can be a daunting task, but with Profitmaster BPO, you are sure to have clear visibility and leverage, giving you the advantage of effectively handling your IT expenses.

Decrease Costs of IT Labor

Profitmaster BPO provides you with IT staff that are highly trained and qualified experts without the ridiculous high price tags associated with IT salaries.

Qualified and Highly Skilled IT Staff

No need to worry about hiring the right person. Let Profitmaster BPO handle all the heavy lifting of searching, testing, qualifying, and hiring the proper candidate for you.

IT Staff Scalability

As your business grows, so does your need to address IT issues within the organisation. Having your Profitmaster BPO IT department grow with you is beneficial as it allows you to adapt to changes quickly and efficiently, specifically in the IT space.

Data Security

Security is a top priority at Profitmaster BPO and we treat every part of your data with professional care and confidentiality, giving you the confidence that your data is safe and secure.

Outsourced IT Management Services

Profitmaster BPO offers IT outsourcing services that cover a broad range of IT disciplines. We provide our clients and partners the opportunity to mix and match different services to better suit their requirements.

Profitmaster IT outsourcing services include:

  • IT Help Desk
  • Server and Network Administration
  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Search Engine Optimisation

IT Help Desk

Are you still waiting for a reply to an IT support ticket you sent three days ago?

If you want service requests and technical issues addressed within your Service Level Agreement (SLA), then outsourcing your IT Help Desk with Profitmaster BPO is what you are looking for.

No support ticket request will be left unanswered.

Server and Network Administration

With Profitmaster BPO’s Server and Network Administration service, you don’t have to worry on your servers’ uptime and network security. We make sure your IT plumbing are optimally and efficiently on tip-top shape.

Web Development

Do you have a website in mind that you would like to see across the Internet?

Profitmaster BPO creates stunning websites that are responsive, adaptive, well architected, and SEO friendly, that places your organization within the Internet map.

Software Development

If you are planning on creating the next big Desktop application, then let Profitmaster BPO help you achieve that goal by providing with Software Development services that are tailored-fit to meet your development needs.

Search Engine Optimisation

Ranking on Google searches is no easy feat, but with Profitmaster BPO’s digital marketing service, you’ll be sure to land on those sought after pages.

At Profitmaster BPO, we pride ourselves in delivering the best IT services in the industry. Creating a worry-free IT environment for your business, providing your organisation the opportunity to continually reach for the skies.

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