Why Philippines is the Perfect Spot for Offshoring

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Over the years, offshoring has developed a lot of appeal across businesses of all sizes and industries and the Philippines has become the primary destination of choice due to its similar time zone, quantity of educated workers, the quality of their English and the lower cost structure. It is also a very familiar and easy place to visit, and many Australian business owners who attend our strategy tours are surprised at just how much it feels like doing business in Australia.

Offshore staff can be trained and managed in the same way their Australian counterparts do. They can work the same hours, be given access to the same technology and deliver the equivalent work productivity. It has been proven to be a good cost improvement strategy and an effective way to expand one’s business.

Factors that most businesses have considered in building their offshore teams in the Philippines:

  • Filipinos are highly educated and skilled.
  • Filipinos speak English extremely well.
  • Our cultures are very similar.
  • The economy is stable and growing.
  • Working hours and holidays match up as our overseas staff forfeit their Filipino holidays and follow our Australian calendar.
  • There is a huge cost advantage.
  • Filipinos have a very strong work ethic.
  • The Philippines has better telecommunications and infrastructure than other offshoring countries.
  • The Philippines has an extremely good track record in offshoring.
  • The Philippines government supports offshoring and outsourcing.

Why Profitmaster BPO?

Profitmaster BPO is an Australian owned company which specialises in providing offshore and outsourced services. We help recruit, engage and manage offshore and outsourced staff for all types of Australian businesses. Our overseas office is located inside the former American Base in Clark, Philippines while our main office is located in Bundall on the Gold Coast. Through both of our offices, Profitmaster BPO aims to assist your business by enabling you to hire qualified offshore employees, improve your margins and find time to connect with more of your customers.

Our goal at Profitmaster BPO is to help your business gain efficiency and profit the affordable way, without ever sacrificing the quality of work produced.

We have a detailed focus and are dedicated to improving your business efficiency. Data processing, accounting services, telemarketing, customer service, phone answering, marketing, bookkeeping and general administration are just some of our specialties. We can help staff your business remotely and effectively, whilst saving you a huge amount of time and money.

We work with you. We do not tailor your business to our needs. Instead, we tailor our solutions to your business.

We hire the right people. At Profitmaster BPO, we recruit the best candidates to ensure our clients get the right staff for the job.

We believe in teamwork. By working together to achieve success, we build lifelong relationships with both our clients and employees.