3 Tips for Improving Efficiency and Increasing Productivity 

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Efficiency and productivity are two of the most popular goals among managers today. Everybody wants better results with fewer resources. Because efficiency and productivity are highly sought after they are often mistakenly interchanged.  They are two different things, although closely related.   The Difference Between Efficiency and Productivity Efficiency is about producing the same output […]

Why Is Communication Important in Management?

Effective communication is critical to productivity and efficiency, whether you run a small business or manage a large corporation. Communication has a significant impact on how well employees collaborate and perform their jobs. However, when it comes to outsourcing projects, it’s critical to be able to communicate effectively with both your offshore team and the […]

Top 5 Reasons Why Professional Firms are Outsourcing in the Philippines

Employee outsourcing in the Philippines

Studies show that every scale in business has been progressing to lean on outsourcing in the Philippines. Here are the top 4 Reasons why the Philippines is the outsourcing location of choice.  The IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP) projected the outsourcing industry’s global market revenue to reach US$230 billion and full-time […]

How a Virtual Assistant Can Make Your Life Smoother and Easier in the New Year

How a Virtual Assistant Can Make Your Life Smoother and Easier in the New Year

Ever thought of what it would be like to have your own virtual assistant. One who devotes their time to you. They can help you do anything, make your life easier and help your business and life run smoothly. Your own personal Virtual Assistant can take charge of not only your day-to-day business tasks, but […]

10 Ways To Leverage Your Offshore Awesome Personal Assistant (APA)

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Today’s busy professional is working at a million miles a minute. I know, because it happens to me. That’s why I engage an awesome PA to make sure that everything on my schedule gets done. I have had the privilege of employing a PA for most of my career and this has enabled me to […]

Choosing the Right Virtual Assistant for Your Business

Choosing the right virtual assistant

Why Your Business Needs a Virtual Assistant? The biggest secret of startups or entrepreneurs who are highly productive and successful – they don’t handle all the tasks by themselves. They hire virtual assistants for a specific role who will handle the job more efficiently and effectively. There’s never a shortage of tasks when you’ve created […]

Building a Better Business with Outsourcing

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Companies tend to consider outsourcing simply because they find it more profitable. They consider outsourcing as a superior tool for their business. Some may see outsourcing merely as a trend, but it has improved significantly ever since it was formally considered as a business strategy in 1989 (Mullin, 1996). Outsourcing has boomed on an ever […]

Why Philippines is the Perfect Spot for Offshoring

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Over the years, offshoring has developed a lot of appeal across businesses of all sizes and industries and the Philippines has become the primary destination of choice due to its similar time zone, quantity of educated workers, the quality of their English and the lower cost structure. It is also a very familiar and easy […]

Outsourced Accounting Services – Managing Professional Risk

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Offshoring many of the accounting and bookkeeping processes in your firm offers one of the most exciting opportunities for accounting firms to diversify their staff base and increase profits without any requirement to increase turnover. The resulting ability to reclassify skilled resources to income earning functions is an added benefit for management strategy that demands […]

Christmas Wishes

Another year is coming to a close. A new chapter in our lives is about to be written. In a few weeks, we will review the year that has passed and prepare ourselves for the resolutions for the new year.  Personally, I have learned a lot this year.  I have learned about gratitude and the […]