Why Is Communication Important in Management?


Effective communication is critical to productivity and efficiency, whether you run a small business or manage a large corporation. Communication has a significant impact on how well employees collaborate and perform their jobs. However, when it comes to outsourcing projects, it’s critical to be able to communicate effectively with both your offshore team and the other parties involved.


Impact of Communication on Management

At Profitmanster, we recognize the fact that management relies heavily on communication. To be successful, any type of business must have efficient processes and systems in place. Communication is essential for making those systems run smoothly.


Communication can be formal or informal, but the most effective method is holding regular meetings with staff members. This enables everyone to discuss issues face-to-face, as opposed to dealing with misunderstandings that arise when messages go unspoken or are misinterpreted by employees who are too busy to have follow-up conversations.


Effective communication also entails ensuring that everyone on the team has received clear instructions on how to do their job every day; this will keep things running smoothly while freeing up some time to focus on other aspects that are critical to the company’s success.



Communication—A Tool in Outsourcing

Outsourcing has become a popular practise for large corporations like Profitmaster that want to delegate various tasks to a different company—usually one located overseas. Communication is critical in outsourcing because it affects project success. For example, if there is poor communication between the client and the service provider, it may result in project delays or, worse, failure to deliver what was expected of them.


Communication is important because it allows clients and service providers to better understand each other’s needs and expectations. This way, both parties are clear on what is required to fulfil a project or role; whether it’s about an agreed-upon deadline or project specifications, effective communication prevents confusion from arising during communication processes like the ones mentioned above. If this is not done, it can lead to trouble because misunderstandings frequently occur when people do not know exactly what information needs to be shared with whom and when.


Why Philippines?

We became aware that, in the event that we decided to outsource some of our work, we needed to have a quick and easy way to communicate with our local counterparts. Because of this, outsourcing to the Philippines was the best choice as the country has a high ranking when it comes to English comprehension and competence. It certainly comes as no surprise that the Philippines has quickly become the capital of the outsourcing industry in Southeast Asia.


Given that there are many talented Filipinos who have a strong command of the English language, both verbally and in writing, remote management becomes much less complicated. As previously stated, communication is an essential part of management because it allows us to lead our team members and ensure everyone is on the same page. Due to the distance, we sometimes have to work with them via video call or email. Communication keeps everyone on task and ensures that everything is completed on time. Such effectiveness in remote management is only possible when there is clear understanding by both sides, on both ends.


Communication and Culture Compatibility

Another factor that contributes to the success of Philippine outsourcing is the cultural compatibility that exists between Australian teams and their Filipino counterparts who are currently employed in the Philippines. A majority of Australians and Filipinos hold many of the same values, including kindness, consideration, honesty, and self-reliance. This allows our managers and supervisors to communicate effectively with Filipino students and employees because there tends to be a higher level of mutual trust.


The Role of Communication in Productivity and Efficiency

Communication is a critical component of our company’s productivity and efficiency. We understand that it plays such an important role because it allows us to resolve issues as they arise. It also enables us to delegate tasks more effectively, saving time that would otherwise be spent managing each individual employee.

Communication is important for efficiency because it allows our business to run smoothly and prevents problems from spreading throughout the organisation. Furthermore, communication enables employees to perform their duties without constant supervision from managers or other executives—which means less stress!


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