How Profitmaster Builds a Healthy Work Environment for Its Staff

Girl stretching in the workplace

We understand that in order for us to be the best in our industry, our employees must first be the best. That is why we encourage our employees at Profitmaster to live their lives to the fullest and to pursue their personal and professional goals. We accomplish this by ensuring that they have a healthy work environment that provides them with all of the encouragement and motivation they require to get to the next level. Here are some of our best practises that set our workplace apart!


Free Lunch

We believe that getting out of the office and spending time with coworkers is important, so we provide free lunch every day. This is an excellent way to promote staff teamwork and collaboration, as well as networking opportunities.


The benefits do not stop there: we hope that by encouraging our employees to eat together, they will use this time to discuss any issues or challenges they may be facing at work. This not only improves team communication, but it also contributes to a more comfortable environment in which people can express their feelings or concerns openly.



Free Shuttle Service

Another perk we offer our employees is free shuttle service which our employees can use to get to and from work.

The shuttle is available to all employees in any area of the company: whether they work on the production floor or in management, as long as they are Profitmaster employees, they can use this service! The same is true for times of day: whether it’s 8 a.m. on Monday morning or 7pm on a Friday night, the shuttle will pick them up.


Premium Private Health and Accidental Insurance Upon Employment

Profitmaster recognises that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce. We believe it is critical to prioritise our employees’ health and provide the resources to assist them in reaching their health and fitness goals.

New employees will receive our premium private health and accidental insurance package as part of our competitive benefits package. Furthermore, we offer employees subsidised healthy food options, gym membership discounts, and access to our recreation area.


Free Uniform

It stands to reason that when employees are happy, they work harder. That’s why we’ve given them all free uniforms to wear while on the clock. When they have free access to clothes that make them feel good and look good, they are less stressed partly because they don’t have to worry about what to wear or how much money they will have to spend on clothing. They can simply concentrate on getting the job done while feeling and looking amazing as they do so!


HMO on the First Day of Employment

Because the health and wellbeing of our staff members is one of our top priorities, we have made it a point to provide a number of incentives to encourage them to maintain a healthy lifestyle while they are on the job. One of these benefits is the provision of an HMO plan on the very first day that they begin working with us.


Work Life Balance

At Profitmaster, we strive to create an environment that promotes wellness and a healthy work/life balance.

Making sure they have the opportunity to care for themselves outside of the office is a big part of that. This means they have access to the resources they require to maintain healthy eating habits, exercise routines, and valuable relaxation time.

But it isn’t just about what happens outside of work; we also ensure that our employees have a good work-life balance. Profitmaster wants everyone to feel like they have enough time for themselves without feeling overburdened or stressed about what needs to be done next.


Day Shift

We know that most people are sleep deprived because their jobs require them to work late at night or early in the morning. We also know that the average person spends approximately 90 minutes per day commuting to and from work, leaving little time for sleep.

  • Profitmaster has taken steps to ensure the health of our employees by creating a work environment that promotes health and wellness throughout the day. For example, our office hours are only during the day shift so that our employees have enough time after work for rest and family time. This makes our employees feel better and happier when they arrive at work every day!
  • We provide flexible scheduling options so that employees can take time off as needed without fear of losing their job or being penalised for missing work. This provides employees with peace of mind because they know they can always prioritise taking care of themselves before taking care of others (like their families).


Fixed Weekends Off

We give our employees fixed weekends off so they can spend time doing whatever they please like playing with their kids, going on a hike, or sitting by the pool. This policy keeps our employees happy by giving them more control over their lives outside of work and providing them much needed rest and relaxation after a week-long grind in the office.


Attendance Bonus

We believe in creating a workplace that is both enjoyable and rewarding for everyone, so we give our employees an attendance bonus if they haven’t missed a single day of work for a full month. It’s an excellent way to demonstrate how much we appreciate their hard work and dedication to show up every single day.


Take the next step in joining Profitmaster

Profitmaster is fully committed to maintaining our reputation as one of the best places to work. We are aware that a company’s success can be attributed in part to its emphasis on workplace wellness, which includes all of the above-mentioned perks. By putting our employees first, it’s no wonder that we’ve become a destination of choice for the best and brightest talents. Come and check out our open positions and accept all these amazing perks.