How Profitmaster Builds a Healthy Work Environment for Its Staff

Girl stretching in the workplace

We understand that in order for us to be the best in our industry, our employees must first be the best. That is why we encourage our employees at Profitmaster to live their lives to the fullest and to pursue their personal and professional goals. We accomplish this by ensuring that they have a healthy […]

Respect and diversity in workplace culture in PH outsourcing companies

Diverse Profitmaster BPO staff

Company culture is not defined by core values posted on your office wall. Developing company culture requires careful planning, hard work, and resources. It is an endless journey for a firm that desires to continually enhance a healthy work environment. When building company culture, respect is one very important value to consider. According to Christine […]

Difference between a Leader and a Manager

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Knowing These 5 Differences Will Make Your Philippine Outsourcing Team More Successful There are many different facets to consider when working with your Philippine outsourcing employees. Whether it’s a team of five or 100, understanding the distinction between being a leader and a manager will directly impact how successful the team is and how effective […]

Work-Life Balance

Work-Life Balance is such a blazing buzzword amongst companies in the outsourcing world these days. This may mean different to every organisation but here in Profitmaster, we don’t only refer to the achievements of our employees, it also has to include their self-care for them to have a healthier body, mind and soul. Experts has […]

Raise your Glass to Happy Employees

How do you measure your company’s success? Are you basing success on your financial performance alone? Or on how much money is being generated? At Profitmaster we also measure and define success through the achievements of our staff members. Even if it’s just a short- term objective, we know employee success has an impact on […]