Raise your Glass to Happy Employees


How do you measure your company’s success? Are you basing success on your financial performance alone? Or on how much money is being generated?

At Profitmaster we also measure and define success through the achievements of our staff members. Even if it’s just a short- term objective, we know employee success has an impact on our organisation’s future. Basically, everything that gets done contributes a lot to our mission.

What is our mission?  Well, we’re not really too technical about it but it’s good that most of our staff members are naturally born with oozing initiative to go the extra mile for their clients.

It’s very simple! When our clients give positive feedback regarding  our performances, then we can say we are very successful in terms of providing “Quality Service.”

How do we achieve “Quality Service”? We believe that showing gratitude to our employees for performances is a very powerful way to motivate and help them build their self-esteem. Naturally, productivity increases, because they know their work is of value.

About a week ago we had our quarterly “Employee Recognition” awards and we consistently do this not only to keep our team spirit alive but to also celebrate each of our staff members’ individual success.

A highlight at our last awards was “Rookie of the Quarter” being awarded to our “Rockstar” Maricar Malazarte, for perfect attendance and for wowing her clients with her capabilities as an Administrative Assistant. She is an absolute team player with a bubbly personality who has proven her high degree of reliability. Maricar demonstrates our company’s success.

Other awardees included, our Accountant, Tracy Paquia and our SEO Specialist Vinson Lozano for their 1st year anniversary with the company. Admin Assistant Princess Camille Santos, Executive Assistant  Ria Minette Baculi and our dearest HR Manager Amerisa Dizon were awarded their perfect attendance achievement.

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In the words of Virgin Founder, Richard Branson, “If the person who works at your company is 100% proud of the brand and you give them the tools to do a good job and they are treated well, they’re going to be happy. Happy employees equals happy clients.”

Our quarterly awards are not as common among other companies as you might think. Some companies think it is not a priority but believe me; if you want productive employees then you have to create one.  How? Show some gratitude, celebrate their hard work, recognise their efforts, value their loyalty and love them equally because that’s how you will get them stick with you through thick and thin.

My mother often said: “you have to be appreciative to be appreciated in return.” Happy employees drive more success in your business. It also promotes a more seamless relationship between management, employee and your clients. Happy employees help create your identity.

In our company, this is definitely fun and a nice way to engage with our people. The bond creates opportunities for staff to become the best at what they do. Everyone wins , and it’s such a wonderful culture to be in.

So raise your glass to every employee you have. Each of them makes an important contribution to your company’s success.