Are you finding it hard to manage your day?


For some there is just not enough how’s. Time is a most valuable commodity. We all want to be productive but one day has its limits. That’s when we start feeling stressed about it.

The truth is, we can be productive in short as  5 hours  a day. How? I have been using a Virtual Assistant based in the Philippines for the past 4 years.

Virtual Assistants are dedicated to handle a myriad of tasks that are mostly administrative in nature, but one very important task is to manage your calendar.

Their core function refers to manage your day to day activities, allowing you to concentrate on the main enterprise of your business.

Virtual Assistants do things like :

  • Set-up meetings with clients
  • Setting appointments for prospects
  • Event planning for seminars and networking events
  • Power point presentations
  • Email management
  • Travel Bookings
  • CRM Management

These are tasks and  activities not directly related to the main enterprise of your business but are critically important for you to keep your business stable and running smoothly.

  • Administrative Tasks – documents, email, phone handling and appointment setting.
  • Technical Tasks – social media, promotion, research, marketing and customer service
  • Back Office Support – accounting, payables, human resources
  • Personal tasks- bill payments

Are you able to manage all the core functions of your business and attend to all of the non-core functions?

The problem is that we cannot possibly get all their work done in the hours allotted to us and still give attention to the main enterprise of the business. Managing non-core functions consumes your valuable time, taking you away from the tasks that need most of your attention.

The solution is to hire an expert who can get these things done for you. A most cost effective way to do this is to get a Virtual Assistant who can organize your core and non- core tasks on your calendar.

You can read more about how to hire an awesome virtual assistant.

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