Strategic Alliances: Selecting a Trusted Outsourcing Partner for Accountants in the Philippines

Profitmaster building 2023

In today’s increasingly globalised accounting sector, outsourcing has become a key strategy for Australian firms to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency.  Among the popular outsourcing destinations, the Philippines has emerged as a hub for accounting outsourced services. However, choosing a reputable outsourcing partner is a critical decision that demands careful consideration.  Here are my […]

Post-Pandemic Trends in Managing Changing Client Expectations

Business discussion with client

“The customer is always right” so the adage goes. Which of the versions below is closest to the truth? The customer is always right… even when they are wrong. The customer is always right… until they are wrong. The customer is not always right. The answer is near the end of this article but, for […]

Expert Advice to Help You Succeed in Managing a Global Team Remotely

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Virtual teams. Remote work. Outsourcing. Offshore staff. These terms were not used in the business world 10 or 15 years ago as much as they are today. People were forced to work remotely, accelerating the shift to a global team setup. A SocArXiv paper shows that: 80% of global corporate remote work policies adopted virtual […]

The Real Cost of Poor Recruitment and the outsourcing solution

Business owners have plenty of experience when it comes to the fallout from recruitment and employment of poor-quality staff. Conversely, when we get it right, the rewards obtained from employing top-quality staff are tremendous. All things considered, poor recruitment is a huge cost to the business. Lost productivity, wages, revenue, and the cost of re-hiring […]

Are you finding it hard to manage your day?

For some there is just not enough how’s. Time is a most valuable commodity. We all want to be productive but one day has its limits. That’s when we start feeling stressed about it. The truth is, we can be productive in short as  5 hours  a day. How? I have been using a Virtual […]

How to Create Great Content

Let’s face it, every business or organization need websites and a social media presence to help them grow, not because it has become a fad nowadays, but simply because it’s an effective way of marketing. Here are some great tips to help you produce content that delivers results:   Understand your Goal As needed, they […]

Communication – You Need To Be Great At This

Communication - You need to be great at this

Today we live in a world where technology has made communication globally so much easier than in the past. People communicate through emails, mobile phones, texting services, video conferences, video chat rooms and social media channels anytime, anywhere and from any place as long as they have an internet connection. This is what has made […]

Successful Businesses Have Good Accounting Systems

Successful businesses have good accounting systems

Why Every Business Needs a Good Accounting System A good accounting system is a must for businesses of any size. A company that fails to keep an accurate record of its business transactions is more likely to operate inefficiently and may lose revenue in the long run. Accounting system helps business owners and managers to […]

8 Strategies to Increase Sales and Profit

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We live in a business world where competition is incredibly fierce and there is an ever-ending challenge to leadership: How do we get more profit? So, here are 8 great profit ideas you can bring to the table right now.   Assess Sales Staff Productivity How many prospects result in sales and how long does […]

You Must Train Your Employees

Management training the employees

Once you have gone through the process of outsourcing a staff member, the next step is to train your new staff member.   Why training is essential  Training is an essential stage to building a trusting and great working relationship with your new employee. It is important that you allocate time and effort in the […]