Difference between a Leader and a Manager

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Knowing These 5 Differences Will Make Your Philippine Outsourcing Team More Successful

There are many different facets to consider when working with your Philippine outsourcing employees. Whether it’s a team of five or 100, understanding the distinction between being a leader and a manager will directly impact how successful the team is and how effective the output will be. 

In the most basic terms, a manager focuses on the day-to-day functions of a team. They oversee the employees, the work, and workflow. Managers are the tacticians.

Leaders, on the other hand, help guide the direction of the organization. They understand the overall vision and maximize the resources to drive change and progress. They are the strategists.


Top 5 Differences Between Leaders & Managers


Both leaders and managers play an important role in any organization. But there are five main differences, and understanding what those are is important to make your Philippine outsourcing team stronger, more cohesive, and more effective. 


  1. Leaders drive change, managers drive projects

Leaders have the vision to see the overall path of the business, and what it will take to meet or surpass goals. They understand that strategies may need to pivot and make the best use of their team and resources to do so successfully. Leaders will motivate their outsourced team to willingly follow the growth path. Managers focus on the daily activities of each team member in order to successfully complete any given project. 


  1. Leaders listen, managers tell

Leaders encourage input and feedback from their team. They understand that insight and inspiration can come from every level of the organization, and identifying and implementing the best of those will guide the company towards success. Managers are more focused on what’s in front of them – assigning projects to team members, and focusing on deadlines and available resources. 


  1. Leaders embrace innovation, managers embrace deadlines

Leaders help drive change. They look at the long game and maneuver resources and employees to reach those goals. They embrace opportunities for doing things better, efficiently, and in a way that brings out the best in each team member. A manager is more of a taskmaster, where the deadline drives the decisions.


  1. Leaders assume responsibility, managers assign accountability

A leader takes responsibility for what’s happening in a company – including employees and resources during challenges as well as growth. For a manager, team members are accountable for the success or failure of a project or task. 


  1. Leaders focus on results, managers focus on the process

Leaders focus onA to Z, while managers tend to be A, B, C, etc. people. Leaders see what needs to get done (A) to obtain a certain result (Z). Managers focus on the process to get the result. Based on the objective (A) and the desired result (Z), what steps will need to happen to get there (B, C, D, and so on)?


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