Introducing Delia Mackenzie

Delia Mackenzie - Director of growth

Delia MacKenzie is South African, she has lived in London working in risk and compliance at a number of banks including Morgan Stanley, Deutsche Bank and Dresdner Kleinwort Wasserstein. She then moved to Australia and lived in Sydney, then Melbourne where she set up the Australian arm of a UK company before moving into business development, sales and account management at Canon. During Covid and the lockdowns, she had an opportunity to work in offshoring and loves helping businesses in Australia grow and improve their customer experience by understanding and harnessing the power of having offshore staff. We have the technology and Covid has taught us that remote working can be very successful if you have the right set up and the right people in place.

At Profitmaster, Delia enjoys her role helping professional and financial service firms have the best access to well-educated and experienced staff in the Philippines. Profitmaster goes above and beyond to look after both the clients and the staff, they have first class offices in Clarke and provide a range of additional benefits to staff so they feel engaged and valued and can deliver their best. Clients are supported end to end to make sure offshoring is easy and successful and there is exceptional office and software security to protect client data.

Outside of work, Delia has been a yoga instructor and still loves practicing yoga. She has 4 children and loves running, cycling, travelling and the outdoors. As a family they spent a year in France and hope to have many more exciting adventures.