Philippines Outsourcing: Redefining The Workforce

Profitmaster outsourcing staff

It appears that the majority of organisations are following the trend of global outsourcing. As a result of this shift in how companies source their talent, we’re seeing an evolution in the way people work.

Cost-cutting Strategy

Outsourcing has been fully embraced by businesses like ours as a viable cost-cutting strategy. As businesses look for ways to cut costs in order to stay afloat, outsourcing has become a profound way to do so. In fact, companies stand the chance of saving up to 90% of labour costs while still paying decent wages to its outsourced workforce. According to additional research, businesses can save nearly half of their total operating costs by outsourcing specialised work operations such as accounting, customer service, content writing, shipping and logistics, and information technology. If there is one takeaway from all of this information, it is that outsourcing effectively offloads some of the costs, allowing a company to focus its resources on core competencies and growth initiatives.


Philippines—Outsourcing Destination

The Philippines is a popular global outsourcing location. Because of its large pool of highly skilled workers and English speakers, the country has become a popular choice for companies looking to offshore their business processes. Profitmaster will increasingly rely on outsourced services as it grows since the Philippines and Australians speak the same language and have similar sensibilities.


We believe that expanding our operations to this country is the best outsourcing choice we can make. Here are reasons why you will, too.


Impact of Outsourcing on the Workforce

Even though many businesses have reaped the benefits of outsourcing, others are still wary of hiring workers from other countries. However, contrary to the belief that local workers may lose job opportunities as a result of outsourcing, there are numerous opportunities available to them. Here are a few examples of how outsourcing benefits the workforce:

  • Outsourcing reduces work

    When employees have too much work to do, it is nearly impossible for them to meet their objectives. Local employees can focus on what they do best by outsourcing and allowing others, in this case, their Filipino counterparts, to handle the rest of their business.


  • Local hiring will continue

    While we outsource some tasks, we continue to hire new employees to supplement our existing in-house workforce. There are still core tasks that require local workers to complete, so there will always be job opportunities in the company’s primary location.


  • Opportunity for advancement

    Investing in employees’ education and training is a wise business decision. Outsourcing some of the work frees up time for in-house employees to learn new skills and develop a greater level in their field. As a result, they’ll be well-prepared to take advantage of any opportunities for advancement within the company that may arise.


  • Improvement in communication and collaboration

     It allows our employees in the Philippines to work in a multinational environment. Because they will be working with people of different nationalities, they will improve their communication and collaboration skills while also broadening their perspectives. Members of the team will not only become better employees, but also be more inclusive individuals from the diverse environment.


  • More accessibility

     Outsourcing allows organisations to gain access to skilled workers and a larger talent pool, as well as a more diverse talent market. This is especially important for companies looking to hire highly specialised employees. Outsourcing companies such as Profitmaster specialises on pooling the best applicants for the role.


  • Job opportunities will expand

     Outsourcing helps people who would not have found work otherwise. New jobs are also created, such as copy editors and medical transcriptionists, expanding the pool of possible jobs to which people can apply.


Outsourcing—Here to Stay

The Philippines is one of the most popular global outsourcing destinations, and its importance in the industry will only grow. Outsourcing enables businesses to tap into a diverse talent pool in order to achieve business objectives more efficiently. As a result, outsourcing will continue to influence how we work in the future by redefining what it means to be an employee and, conversely, an employer today.


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