The Filipino Pride – Hidilyn Diaz, first gold medal for the Philippines in the Summer Olympics.


The history of the Philippines in joining the Olympic Games goes way back on 1924 in Paris, France. The Philippines sole representative who competed was David Nepomuceno category of track and field, 100 m and 200 m. It was the Philippines amongst other Southeast Asia country who competed first in the Olympic Games. And it was the country’s first appearance in the sport. After 97 years of the Filipino competing in the Olympic Games, Hidilyn Diaz is the first Filipino who won the gold medal on the category 55 kg women’s weightlifting event last Monday, 26 July 2021 in Tokyo, Japan for the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Who is Hidilyn Diaz?

Hidilyn, a single 30-year-old lady, she’s the fifth of her six siblings. She’s an undergraduate of computer science in the University of Zamboanga, her mind and heart is into sports that’s why she decided to stop attending the university and focused on her training. She joined difference sports activity but with the help of her cousin who taught her the basic of weightlifting that leads her to where she is right now.

In 2013 Hidilyn was enlisted into the Philippine Air Force and assigned to the Air Force Special Service Group. She was promoted as Airwoman Second Class in 2014. Following Hidilyn victory in achieving the first gold medal for the Filipino she was now promoted to Staff Sergeant by the Philippine Air Force (PAF).

During her training days for the upcoming 2021 Summer Olympic in Tokyo Japan, Hidilyn has not seen her family since December 2019. Her trainer decided to train her in Malaysia last February 2020 so she could divert more of her attention in practice. Even during the time of hardship due the restriction of gym and weightlifting equipment she manages to focus and improvised on her practice.

Considering her career…

Hidilyn also competed in the last 2007 SEA Games and won bronze medal in Thailand, achieved 10th place at the 2006 Asian Games. During her university days she won 2 golds and 1 silver in the Asian Youth/Junior Weightlifting championship in South Korea. She competed in 2008 Summer Olympic and that she was the youngest in the competition, and in 2016 Summer Olympic in Rio she won the silver medal.

Just in the nick of time, this is what the Filipino people need right now. To boost our well-being and uplift our spirit.