Dreams do come true


Annalyn Bejec is a success story at Profitmaster and Angeles University Foundation. After leaving school early for personal reasons – she was given an opportunity with Profitmaster. She has gone on with Profitmaster to complete her degree in science majoring in Marketing. This is her story… 

“I must admit I am a bit of a dreamer. 

When I first met Profitmaster owner, Richard Croaker back in 2014, he had just arrived in the Philippines to start his company.  

I told him my dream was to be a successful businesswoman, like a CEO. Richard listened to me and my story, then told me he believes in me and wants to help me achieve my dream. 

On Richard’s advice, I returned to school at the age of 20 – I had left at 17 due to personal circumstances – with the aim of doing well and going to university.  

Finishing school successfully, Profitmaster gave me a job as an administration assistant at 21 years of age. I was new to the BPO sector. My work included customer service, data research and marketing tasks. Having bought my first car, my job also included being a messenger as Profitmaster didn’t have a driver.  

These experiences gave me a strong grounding across all levels of the business and how an outsourcing company like Profitmaster BPO operated.  

After a few years, Profitmaster awarded me a full-payment Scholarship to attend Angeles University Foundation to study a Bachelor of Science, majoring in Marketing.  

I was working full time and had a full-time study load to complete at night – it was stressful, and I experienced many anxieties through this heavy time commitment, and I did think about quitting sometimes. In between this, in 2017, I gave birth to my first child – my beautiful daughter.  

Despite the stress, with the support of the Profitmaster team, my persistence paid off and I graduated in 2020, during the pandemic lockdown – I became the first in my family to graduate from university. Due to the pandemic, we didn’t have the usual graduation ceremony. To make my father and siblings proud of my achievement – along with Profitmaster, especially Richard – is something that personally fills me with pride.  

Through my faith, I believe that God has a better plan than my plan. Now seven years into my Profitmaster career, with my schooling and degree, I am excited for my future working with the company knowing that my career is part of God’s plan.  

Profitmaster has given me the power to grow in my work and personal life. Upon my graduation, I started in the company’s management training program. I was initially focused on HR and through the guidance of our HR manager was appointed as Admin and Employee Relations Supervisor in 2021.  

Through my story and Profitmaster assisting with my studies at the Angeles University Foundation, I can truly say the company provides a genuine career opportunity for anyone who values our culture and wants to grow their commitment to God and to life. Our training programs encourage team members to positively develop their capability through further education. Our regular performance mentoring aligns the needs of our staff with the needs of their clients and the needs of the company.  

I am proof that Profitmaster believes in its people. Each staff member is at the heart of the Profitmaster family where we are encouraged to be the best we can be, and to achieve a true work-life balance. Even during the pandemic, we still find time to share birthdays and other anniversaries as well as regular games and office parties.  

And through these things I have made great friends at work. My daughter is very popular and loves visiting the team, not to mention my husband who also encourages me to help grow this company for a better future for us and for everyone who works here.  

Maybe…. one day I will achieve my dream”